Who we are

Makerdam is a hub for innovation, learning and entrepreneurship: a place to play, to create, to learn, to mentor, to invent and to launch your very first start-up. We are a community of designers, technologists, makers, innovators or simply put, creators of any kind, gathered under the same roof into one of the best idea incubators Rotterdam has to offer.

Makerdam gives the chance to experiment with digital fabrication, learn and share. It offers tools, training, and consultation services that enable community members to experiment with and master a wide variety of skills. We are dedicated to sharing knowledge, building relationships, and fostering innovation and entrepreneurship.

Makerdam’s long term vision is to be the launchpad for ideas into successful sustainable businesses.

The project was established in the beginning of 2017 by Elina Karanastasi and Vlad Butucariu with the kind support of Stichting Kunstaccommodatie Rotterdam (SKAR) and many other local institutions and organisations as Plakt Vastgoed or Havensteder. Elina and Vlad are also the current leaders and conceptual figures behind Makerdam.


Focus & Values

Community – fosters development of a community of diverse people, at affordable cost, in a positive environment

Collaboration & Education – sharing knowledge and ideas is critical for personal and professional growth

Innovation & Entrepreneurship – support the growth of innovation in the city of Rotterdam but not only, and boost new businesses through skill-building classes and consulting services

We’re a tiny team right now, but we’re looking for talented and ambitious makers to join our community. Either if you’re a professional designer, architect or engineer or just a passioned creator, don’t hesitate to reach us and let us know how we can help you with your next big idea.

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