Agenda November-December

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9:00-16:00 Fablab ‘pimp up’. Every member is welcome.
16:00- 17:00 Meeting Makerdam members.  
13:00 Event on Blockchain Technology.  
Lisk Community Meetup Rotterdam – Special guest: Thomas Schouten (Marketing Lead @Lisk)
9:00-16:00 Second Fablab pimp up round.
Participation of founding members of Makerdam in Stadsmakers Congress.
9:00-16:00 Second Cubicles decoration round. Every member is welcome.
9:00-16:00 Entrance lobby decoration.  Every member is welcome.
9:00-16:00 Main Entrance light renovation. Every member is welcome.
16:00- 17:00 Meeting Makerdam members.  
18:00- 20:00: Open call: Presentation Proposals for  events for 2018.  From members and not only.  discussion / voting from members.
21:00: Makers Party:  Christmas party + 6 months of Makerdam celebration.
Drinks, snacks and music.

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