Lisk Community Meetup Rotterdam – 5 Nov.

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Join the very first Lisk community meetup held in Netherlands!
Starting 1 pm, Sunday 5th November 2017.

Special guest – Thomas Schouten (Marketing Lead @Lisk)

This event is all about Lisk, crypto, blockchain, dApp, javascript web application development. We focus our attention on the eco-system of the Lisk application platform, but we are also very interested in all other cryptocurrencies and developments.

The idea behind this meetup is a casual setup for people who like to talk about their involvement and participation in the blockchain space. Are you a trader, investor, developer or all round interested in new internet technologies? Join our Meetup, we like to meet you! We have food and drinks available!

Check out more information about Lisk @

Register for the event on the website. Please be aware the number of seats is limited.

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